Youth Live Music Festival 2023- United Nations Event
6/30 | 1 PM- 2 PM EST
United Nations Headquarters | New York

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6/30 | 1 PM- 2 PM EST

Northeast corner of the GA lobby, United Nations Headquarters, New York


“Youth+ Live” is an immersive musical and visual performance that represents a global array of cultures. The performances feature Chinese artists Wu Na, Huan Qing, Xiao Jun, and An Yu, American artists Li Daiguo, and Aaron Parks, and Canadian artist Rick Rosato. The leading artists perform on instruments ranging from traditional Chinese instruments such as Guqin and Pipa to Western instruments including Sumerian Lyre, piano, guitars, drums, and electronics, among others. Drawing on our shared musical heritage, the artists will present eclectic performances that are contemporary and ancient, local and global, traditional and innovative.


“Youth+ Live! Music Festival 2023” aspires to present a stage for the new generation of artists, and foster understanding across different cultures. Through cross-cultural collaborations, music enables us to heal together in a shared space, create emotional pathways, and break cultural barriers.

Wu Na

Huan Qing

Li Daiguo(U.S.A.)



  • UNSRC Chinese Book Club
  • Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation


Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations