About Youth Live Music Festival

“Youth+ Live” is an immersive musical and visual performance that represents a global array of cultures. The performances feature Chinese artists Wu Na, Huan Qing, Xiao Jun, and An Yu, American artists Li Daiguo, and Aaron Parks, and Canadian artist Rick Rosato. The leading artists perform on instruments ranging from traditional Chinese instruments such as Guqin and Pipa to Western instruments including Sumerian Lyre, piano, guitars, drums, and electronics, among others. Drawing on our shared musical heritage, the artists will present eclectic performances that are contemporary and ancient, local and global, traditional and innovative.


“Youth+ Live! Music Festival 2023” aspires to present a stage for the new generation of artists, and foster understanding across different cultures. Through cross-cultural collaborations, music enables us to heal together in a shared space, create emotional pathways, and break cultural barriers.

About Organizers

Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation


Founded in 2008, BCAF is the only non-profit independent art foundation and think tank in China focusing on art and humanity.


BCAF builds dynamic humanities projects with global professional institutions in the fields of cultural creativity, art for social welfare, global collaborations, and think labs, supporting original, open, and independent art and thinking.


Vision: To share art and culture equally with all, building a diverse civil society

Mission: To discover cultural creativity and promote art for social welfare

Values: Respect for an independent, pluralistic, and free civil future

Creative China Center

Creative China Center is a in U.S registered 501c3 nonprofit arts and cultural organization, dedicated to advancing the understanding and appreciation of Chinese contemporary arts and culture to international audiences. It provides cultural exchange platforms for artists, organizations and individuals in China and the US to gather, collaborate, and create.

CCC organizes the annual “Creative China Festival” across the United States, with participating artists and industry intellectuals from the fields of film, literature, design, visual, visual and performing arts, to showcase the identities and creative forces of modern-day China.


iQIYI, Inc. is a leading provider of online entertainment video services in China. Our platform combines creative talent with technology to foster an environment for continuous innovation and the production of blockbuster content. We produce, aggregate, and distribute a wide variety of professionally produced content, as well as a broad spectrum of other video content in a variety of formats.


With over 50 in-house studios spearheading our original content production, we are home to many acclaimed original drama series and variety show franchises and have successfully serialized our original content into blockbuster sequels to accumulate and amplify IP value over time. Through our curated premium content, we attract a daily subscriber base of more than 100 million, and our diversified monetization model includes membership services, online advertising services, content distribution, online games, IP licensing, talent agency, online literature, etc.


  • Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York
  • China National Tourist Office, New York
  • New York State Council on the Arts

Collaborating Institution

Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations

Special Thanks to

New York City Office of the Mayor

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Music Festival Team

Presented by: Cui Qiao

Artistic Director: Hu Anxin

Producer: Shao Yixue,Amanda Zhang

Project Coordinators: Ma Xiaojing, Zhao Ziye

Graphic Designers: Guang Yu, Zhu Lingzhi, Yaxi Xiao

Video Editor: Liu Guangli

PR Coordinator: Wu Chenyi

Administration Support: Ding Jianhua

Stage Manager: Hsiao-Fang Lin