Xiao Jun

Jun Xiao, Chinese jazz guitarist, composer, endorser of Mono, Gearxxx and D’Addario. Influenced by a diverse musical culture, he has developed a unique musical style with a rich sense of narrative through his forward-thinking musical ideas. In years of his professional career, Xiao has inadvertently harvested very different creative endeavors. For Xiao, music never needs to be bound by form and style. What really led him on this journey was his expression through sound.

In 2016, his quintet was selected as one of six finalists for the Next Generation Jazz Festival, an esteemed music event organized in conjunction with the Monterey Jazz Festival. His own album “Triangular Prism” has received 29th Golden Melody Award nomination for Best Instrumental Recording Album in 2018, and won the Best Jazz Instrumental Album at the CMIC Music Awards 2018. In 2021, he collaborated with the pioneering Swiss art group Encor Studio, to bring innovative audiovisual experience into scenes of Jazz music in the “Frontier” section of the Mandarin Weekend Music Event, breaking the boundary of traditional jazz scene. In 2022, he was selected as one of the 25 artists for Fender Next 2022 project. He is also one of the first Chinese musicians to be selected for the honor. Later that year, he became exclusively represented by Universal Music Publising as a songwriter in worldwide range. He also established collaboration with the legendary jazz label Blue Note and launched his second studio album Atypical Airship on the label. He became the first Chinese musician to release an album on Blue Note.

Best Jazz Instrumental Album Award of the 2018 CMA Music Awards
Best Instrumental Recording Album nomination in the 29th Taiwan Golden Melody Awards